Our YLMP Recommend Recovery Homes are not listed in any particular order. Our desire is for you to read their mission statement, learn about their program, in order for you to best select a home or facility that will meet your needs.
-The Your Life Matters Project Team

Prodigal Daughters

An 18 month residential program for women suffering from addiction. 18 months in this program will enable them to develop skills to sustain them emotionally, financially and spiritually.

A Christ centered residential home, rehabilitation program, and discipleship ministry. We are a safe haven for women and their children to come who have suffered from the bondage of alcoholism, drug addiction, human trafficking, abuse, or any other life controlling issues.

(941) 351-0652

His Girls


A 12 month Christian program for women over the age of 18. This recovery program is based on Christianity and living Godly, healthy, safe and productive lives. They believe every woman has worth and is a child of God our father.

To help women restore their lives through developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. To become disciples of the one true king and let his light shine through us in all that we do

Tracy Iajeunesse
(941) 840-9447

Learn To Fish

A residential recovery center for women and their children. A 90-day program that includes a full assessment of each woman’s individual needs, medications, room and board, daily AA or NA meetings, the opportunity to learn valuable work skills by assisting with our LTF Thrift Store.

To breath life and hope into women who have been marginalized, demoralized and traumatized as we equip them for a future of love and prosperity.

(941) 755-3900


Beauty For Ashes


An organization devoted to providing safe housing and making a positive difference for women in transition from prison, jail, or short-term rehabilitation to living as productive members of society.

A Christ centered organization devoted to helping women find their identity in Christ and this world, guiding them toward a life free of substance abuse, dependence on others, and shame over their past challenges and mistakes.



Loving Hands Ministry "Save Our Sons"

A 2 Year Minimum Christ Centered Residential Discipleship Program designed to rehabilitate men who have life controlling problems. Considered by the courts and legal community as an excellent alternative to a jail or prison sentence.

(941) 747-5683

Joe shares with us his story, about his time at loving hands & his passion for the ministry.

Harvest Home "Freedom"


Offers single men and women who have struggled with the destructive powers of alcohol and/or drug addiction tools needed to transition out of life limiting patterns and into freedom and stability.

Our mission is to champion hope and transform lives by revitalizing neighborhoods and providing service-enriched housing programs.

(941) 953-3154

Centerstone "Manatee Glens"

Your Community Behavioral Health Hospital. Centerstone specializes in mental health and addictions so that health and wellness are possible for every family.

(941) 782-4617

Operation PAR

Provides effective treatment and services to help those impacted by substance abuse and mental health.

To strengthen our communities by caring for families and individuals impacted by substance abuse and mental illness.

(941) 753-0877

First Step (SRQ)

First Step offers more than 20 programs including detox, residential and outpatient.

First Step prevents and treats alcohol and drug addictions and associated disorders.  We foster fully functioning, productive individuals by offering a full array of services in partnership with our community.

(941) 366-5333

Coastal Behavioral Healthcare

To provide quality care with compassion, respect and dignity.

(941) 364-9355

Suncoast Behavioral HealthCare

A free-standing acute inpatient psychiatric facility. The facility provides services for children, adolescents and adults experiencing high levels of dysfunction and severe psychiatric problems.

(941) 364-9355