YLMP Shirts

Ever wonder how the #YLMP shirts are made?
All of our apparel is made in house, we do this so we can minimize cost and maximize proceeds.

Proceeds from the shirts benefit the Your Life Matters Project Scholarship Fund. This fund was set up to help pay for an addict’s way into a rehab treatment facility.

Here at the #YourLifeMattersProject we know that every person struggling with an addiction or a mental health disorder is also someone's mom or dad, brother or sister, someone's friend. Everyday these individuals are making life changing decisions to enter into a treatment facility & everyday there are a number of addicts being turned away because they simply don't have the means to pay. We believe that one person turned away is one to many & that's why we have set up the Your Life Matters Scholarship Fund.

Shirts are available in all sizes and are $28 each.

Freedom for Addicts Means Freedom for Our Communities

Freedom for Addicts Means Freedom for Our Communities

Have you ever wondered what it means to be truly free?

By free I don’t mean total freedom to choose and afford which version of Tex-Mex you want for lunch.  Will it be Chipotle or Moe’s?  What about Tijuana Flats?  Are those even authentically Mexican?

 I mean free to choose goodness and live a satisfying life, along with the capacity and desire to achieve those ends and want to do so.  I mean free from evil and injustice.  

Fla. Gov. Scott Announces State of Emergency Over the Opioid Epidemic Plaguing the State

On May 3, Florida Governor Rick Scott, on the heals of the Centers for Disease and Prevention declaring a national opioid epidemic, signed Executive Order 17-146 directing a Public Health Emergency across the state of Florida to address the opioid crisis.  

Governor Scott said, “Today, I issued an executive order which allows the state to immediately draw down more than $27 million in federal grant funding which will immediately be distributed to communities across the state to deal with the opioid epidemic…I have also directed State Surgeon General Dr. Celeste Philip to declare a Public Health Emergency and issue a standing order for Naloxone.”

The order should help communities like ours combat the opioid crisis and provide the necessary resources to fund prevention and intervention programs, as well as pilot programs that will help those in recovery achieve long-term sobriety.

While some have called it long overdue, let’s celebrate a positive step forward in the fight to help our community find freedom and hope!

To read the full transcript of the governor’s press release, click here.


Contributor Andrew Seip- YLMP Vice President